Innovations in Dentistry

Virtual Symposium

January 27 - 31, 2020: Worldwide

No down time, no travel costs, no stale bagels.

Showcasing the best in dental innovation from the front lines of technology... straight to your dental practice. 

What is the Innovations in Dentistry Symposium?

The Innovations in Dentistry Symposium is a 3 day virtual event brought to you by Virtual Dental Expo. No travel costs, no down time, no stale bagels.


The Innovations in Dentistry Symposium is designed to serve the entire dental industry including:

  • Dentists

  • Dental Hygienists

  • Dental Assistants

  • Dental Educators

  • Dental Innovators

  • Dental Suppliers

In other words, if you work in the dental do not want to miss this event.

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Virtual Dental Expo. Improving patient outcomes by showcasing the very best in dental innovation and education.


Register today and visit #VDX 24/7/365 for continuing dental education and Virtual Exhibitor Hall.  

Maximize your dental potential. 

Audience listens to the speech of the le

FREE Online live and On Demand continuing dental education at your fingertips. 

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Virtual Exhibitor Booths

Virtual Exhibitor Booths show case Innovative Products and Services. Each #VDX Booth offers E-Library, CE Webinars, Virtual Booth Avatar, Video Chat, Promotions, and Video Player.


Visit our #VDX Exhibitors for special Members Only Promotions. 

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We invite Dental Innovators, Educators, Speakers, and Presenters to become #VDX Exhibitors. Our process is simple, and the rewards are great. Experience true ROI as a Virtual Dental Expo Exhibitor and never leave your office.